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Green-CAUSE Home

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An umbrella organization, Green-CAUSE (Capital Area United to Serve the Environment). Green-CAUSE is an organization that connects municipal green organizations in Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York counties to facilitate the sharing of information, to promote green living and green business, and to provide education about good stewardship practices that improve and maintain our water, air, and earth.

Green-CAUSE has no agenda beyond the protection of our planet for our children and for future generations.

The PURPOSE of this environmental alliance is to:

·         Inspire the growth of new and more effective environmental organizations in our communities, using a grass-roots approach.

·         Support and coordinate the environmental efforts of clubs, schools, faith-based organizations and green businesses in each municipality, as they work to  

          maintain and improve their waterways, land, air, flora and fauna

·         Maintain a website that is a resource for green entities in the surrounding six counties (Cumberland, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York)

·         Educate the general public, enabling them to RETHINK their lives and how they are impacting the environment

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