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Green E-Links

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A Bag's Life, Plastic Bag Recycling Resource

Ahimsa Village, Vegan Homestead in State College, PA

Alternative Energy News

Backhome Magazine, "Your Hands-On Guide to Sustainable Living"

Backwoods Home Magazine, "Practical Ideas for Self-Reliant Living"

Be the Change Earth Alliance

Best Buy Electronics, Appliances and More Recycling Program

Better World Shopper "Voting with Your Wallet"

Buildium's Green Building Resource Guide

The Center for a New American Dream, "More of What Matters"

Center for Sustainable Economy, "Analysis, Solutions, Advocacy"

Climate Progress

The Climate Reality Project, "Choose Reality"

The Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly Home Lighting Solar Energy Comparison Site

County Office Phone Numbers Resource

The Daily Green, "A Consumer's Guide to Green"

Driving Green, find out where to recycle just about anything

Earth Easy, "Solutions for Sustainable Living"

Earth Charter "Values and Principles to Foster a Sustainable Future"

Earth Tones, "The Environmental Internet and Phone Company"

The Eco-Friendly Guide to Household Cleaning

The Eco-Friendly Guide to Recycling Electronic Waste (Great Britain)

Eco-Friendly House Siding Estimator

Eco-Friendly Property Upgrades

Eco-Friendly Storage Tips

EcoGeek, "Brains for the Earth"

EcoHearth, "Come Home to the Earth"

Ecologue, HGTV Green Remodeling Ideas and Tips

EcoVillage, "Global EcoVillage Network"

Enviro Link, "The Online Environmental Community"

Environmental Calculators

Environmental Health News

Environmental Leader, "Environmental and Energy News"

Foundation for Global Community

Freecycle, "Changing the World One Gift at a Time"

Gap Minder "For a Fact-Based World View"

Global Footprint Network "Advancing the Science of Sustainability"

Going Green in Your Home

Going Green: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Home Modifications

Green And More, "One-Stop Eco Shopping"

Green Guide for Kids and Adults at Home

Green Home Guide

Green for All

Green Living Tips

Green Matters, "The Original Green Lifestyle Network"

Green Options

Green Shopping Guide

Grist, "A Beacon in the Smog"

Heathcote Community, "Living Sustainably, Together"

Home Energy Saving Tips by Reliant Energy Company

I Share Stuff, iShareStuff saves money and reduces waste by helping you share with friends and family. Look here before you buy!

Lets Go Solar Sustainable Cities

Mother Nature Network, "Improve Your World"

My Footprint, Ecological Footprint Quiz

NCAT (National Center for Appropriate Technology) Sustainable Agriculture Project

Natural News, "Real News Powered by the People, Naturally"

Nike Reuse-A-Shoe  Athletic shoe recycling

No Impact Man

Northwest Earth Institute "Inspiring People to Take Responsibility for Earth"

Obvious Implementation Corporation, Internet Recycling Guide, among other things green

One Earth

PA Energy Fest, "A Comprehensive Regional Festival and Conference on Sustainability and Energy Independence"

Pachamama Alliance "Connecting Indigenous Wisdowm and Modern Knowledge for a Just, Sustainable, and Thriving World"

Planet Ark, "Your Daily Guide to Helping the Planet"

Planet Green

The Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann, including an interview with Dr. Douglas Tallamy about Native Plants

Preserve Gimme 5 Recycling Program  Ink Cartridge Recycling   Greener Planet: A World Without Cigarettes

Remodeling Tips

The Scrap Exchange: Creative Reuse Center

Shareable Magazine for sharing stuff and skills

Solarfest, "The Power of Positive Energy"

The Story of Stuff

Sustainable Baby Steps

Tips for Growing Organic Food

Treehugger, "A Discovery Company"

The Ultimate Guide to Green Parenting

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping Green for Your Pet

The Ultimate Guide to Sustainability and Recycling for Kids

Water Conserve, Water Conservation Info and News

Web Hosting Sites

Wise Up to Waste (UK-centered, but has useful tips for USA)

World Changing, "Change Your Thinking"

Yes Magazine, "Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions"

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